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Components CPU X86 Intel Xeon Socket 4189 Gold 63xx Intel Xeon Gold ICX 6326 @ 2.90 GHz, 16C/32T, 2P, 24MB, 185W, LGA4189 - CD8068904657502

Intel Xeon Gold ICX 6326 @ 2.90 GHz, 16C/32T, 2P, 24MB, 185W, LGA4189 - CD8068904657502

Cores: 16 Clock: 2.90 GHz GHz Max. turbo clock: 3.50 GHz GHz L3 Cache: 24 MB MB TDP: 185 W

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Product code 204.156595
Part number CD8068904657502
EAN 675901957106
Supermicro Part No. P4X-ICX6326-SRKXK
Manufacturer Intel
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Detailed information

Intel® Xeon® Gold

Intel® Xeon® Gold processors bring high performance among with the newest security technologies that are even more efficient when working with your data. The Gold series supports the maximum speed and capacity of DDR4 memories and is scalable for up to 4-socket setups even with the 5000 family. Thanks to this, it significantly moves the boundaries of the mid-tier performance segment compared to the previous generation of server processors.


The joint activity of processor cores is called multitasking. With multi-core processors, good core cooperation is important because it allows the entire system to be used to its maximum potential. In general, multi-core processors are often used for virtualization or computing, while processors with fewer cores and the highest possible clock rate are often used for single-thread performance-intensive applications.

Cores 16


The CPU threads are utilized by Hyperthreading and Multi- threading technologies, which create two virtual cores from one physical core by activating two controllers in the core to guarantee higher performance. Most modern server processors have a 1:2 ratio, e.g. 8 cores, 16 threads.

Threads 32


The frequency or clock rate of a processor indicates how quickly the processor can process instructions, sort ones and zeros. Performance usually increases as the processor frequency increases, but it is not a rule. Multi-core processors tend to have a lower clock rate, but they still perform better in optimized programs. It is therefore only one aspect of choosing the right processor for a given application.

2.90 GHz
Max. turbo clock
3.50 GHz


The cache exists in three layers, L1, L2 and L3 , and it is a hardware cache used by the processor to store data and thus making the subsequent data access faster. Processors with higher number of cores often have larger cache. AMD EPYC processors excel in this area, offering up to 256 MB of L3 cache .

L3 Cache 24 MB

Memory Compatibility

When choosing a processor, it is also a good idea to pay attention to the maximum memory capacity that the processor can handle. This parameter is not expandable in the future except by replacing it with a more powerful processor. Next, pay attention to the maximum frequency of the computer memory that the processor can work with — if the frequency of the computer memory is higher than this value, the processor automatically underclocks the memory modules to its maximum supported frequency.

Max. RAM capacity
6000 GB
Max. RAM frequency
3200 MHz


This value represents the maximum heat output that the server cooling must be able to dissipate. For processors, the heat lost is virtually equal to the energy consumed.  

TDP 185 W


Generation Intel 3.gen
Product line Xeon Gold
Socket 4189
Core count 16
Base Frequency 2.90 GHz
Turbo frequency 3.50 GHz
Cache 24 MB
TDP (W) 185

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